Joshua Sitting Plate 13 inches

Joshua Sitting Plate 13 inches


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This exotic leaf is found in the forests of Odisha, a state in eastern India. Tribal women have been harvesting these leaves to make ends meet from times immemorial. These broad dark green leaves are used to make biodegradable tableware which is slowly eliminating the use of plastic dinnerware all over the conscious communities in this world. Siali leaves are eco-friendly and cost-effective to the customer.

To fulfill your desire to avail this planet, we present to you our Siali line. As aesthetically pleasing as it is on the eyes, the quality of our plate and bowl is also top-notch. Assuring customer satisfaction and happiness, our leak-free tableware keeps your food safe until consumption. Our plates are chemical and toxin-free and ready to carry your healthy treats right from your counter to your stomach. With the texture and durability of these leaves, we guarantee the buffet plate to be lightweight as if your food is floating on a cloud. Whether you’re organizing a get-together with friends, wedding, picnic, business event, or stocking up your eco-friendly collection, Releaf Solutions has an assorted selection of compostable, biodegradable plates, bowls, to-go boxes, and cutlery for you to choose from.

Weight 0.078 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in
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10 per pack, 25 per pack


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