Staten 5 Cup Tray

Staten 5 Cup Tray


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Bagasse is an excellent eco alternative made from reclaimed sugarcane fiber. Almost everything that is out there is either made from dangerous Plastics and eco-threatening Paper & Styrofoam.
Who wants to feed their family carcinogens and the Earth landfills forever? No one! So, be safe and choose Releaf Bagasse line— an FDA-certified product made from agricultural residues. As fresh as Lily and smooth as butter, its sturdy design won’t let your favorite meal fall, but yet lightweight enough to make packing easy. There is no aroma migration guaranteeing customer’s delight with the original aura during their favorite fuel time of the day making each experience memorable. Let’s recharge ourselves enjoying delicious and healthy treats as it is meant to. Made out of natural fibres, you can be sure that there are no toxins. Plus, these are microwaveable, freezable, ovenable.

TREATS ON TRAY TODAY? The perfect eco-friendly meal trays, to make your food stand out without mixing the authenticity of variety, be it dips or curry flavors! Compostable catering trays, available in 3 & 5 compartment styles.

Weight 0.031 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in
Product in packs

25 per pack, 125 per pack


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